Trippin’ the perfect gallery

Like my brain is fizzing with ideas and more just keep streaming in … every artist’s dream (usually) is to have work shown in a gallery. And then, if that artist is being honest, to eventually have a gallery of his/her own with their own works displayed constantly until sold, and works of their friends too.

So stop me if you’ve heard some of these ideas before – but like I said, they’re just so cool!

For instance, have all flat artwork completely enclosed in Plexiglas and mounted on wheeled display boards. (Wheels are hidden inside the frame, but the art rolls at a touch. And each piece has brakes to set, too. These display boards are built locally by high school and trade school students, so the kids have tangible references when they graduate.) In good weather, the boards are arranged outside the A.R. Tist & Friends Gallery, among small tables with umbrellas and chairs for four people. Stroll in and have coffee and dessert while gazing at the artwork you’re considering buying. Or order lunch or dinner and walk through all the art on display that day while waiting for your meal to be prepared and brought to your table. Artists displaying work take turns being servers, so art patrons can meet them in person. The display boards are rearranged daily, forming intimate small dining nooks on the days a professional chef is holding forth in the on-site commercial kitchen.

Trees, flowering plants and shrubs add to the sensory outdoor experience. Once each month ‘Art Beneath the Stars’ occurs, with the display boards softly illuminated while patrons browse with glasses of champagne and delicious little nibbles.

Also once each month a very informal experience takes place, with food trucks parked on the street and families enjoying casual dining while pointing out various art works to the kids. I’d like to have one of our artists always painting outside, too, so everyone could ask questions and enjoy conversation with a creative type.

Yep, artists are the dreamer type. And I, for one, am very glad of it. More thoughts in the future, dudes. -Tist


2 thoughts on “Trippin’ the perfect gallery”

  1. Thank you for your suggestion about adding musicians! Great idea!
    And certainly you may use A.R.’s exuberant image for a book cover – he’d be honored if you used it for one of your books of stand-up poetry!
    He’s out of town at the moment, but has been told of your comments and will contact you about that book cover within a couple of days.
    Thank you on his behalf.

  2. A.R.
    Terrific art image you have posted. I shall contact you about using it for a future book cover.
    Keep that brain of yours fizzing! Your out of the box ideas for galleries should be heeded by museums as well. I’ve got a candidate for that “chef holding forth” position, I’ll get it to you, you may already know him. Also, may I suggest adding music to the mix, musicians strolling and on a small stage, would be a pleasant addition to the vibe. Until next time…

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