Chronocator, Age 15 – 24

Ruled by Venus, the time of someone’s life from age 15 to 24 may be thought of as the years in which the person, or Chart Native, usually experiences love for the first time. Certainly appropriate for a Venus rulership, yes?

Of course many other things occur during this time frame, for instance, good friendships may be forged now which will last for years if not a lifetime. It’s a social time for many people, when Emotional Intelligence begins to make a person more sensitive to others moods and trials in life. Learning to use an ideal portion of intelligence and EI together becomes a skill used daily and for the benefit of all involved. People who haven’t honed their ability to ‘pick up’ on hidden meanings in a glance, a shrug, an evasive answer, will find themselves struggling to meet potential lovers and future mates or to keep them in their lives.

Too, Venus strives for balance, and this is often the first occasion the native realizes there must be a nearly equal amount of time devoted to friends, family, school, and work to be successful in life. But the parameters established in these years won’t be always the same for the native’s engrossing career, or passionate love affair, or deciding how close family and friends should be to knowing most of the heart’s secrets. And if they are – the native reacts to a problem in college much as a teenager would – the inadequacy of the framework will be brought home definitively. Many people seem to content themselves with a pattern for forming friendships, for seeking work, for passing classes early in their lives and adhering to that same pattern for the rest of their sojourn upon this plane. Yet this isn’t the optimum structure for meeting the changes coming in life. Humans must have flexibility, or they feel their talents are being wasted, their lives too constricted in being the ‘good daughter’ or the ‘successful son’ and therefore stereotyped at an early age.

As Venus highlights the expression of the native’s affection, it also shows how much the affection and love from others matters in the native’s life: another part of the infrastructure for living the best possible life. That first love relationship, which is usually fraught with drama and angst, may determine the reaction to an offer of love or affection many years later. The echo of the success or failure of that initial stirring of being totally involved with another will continue throughout the years.  

So we continue our exploration of meaning throughout the chart, and will resume of course in the next column.

Your reactions to your first most important person in your life (once your parents have had to yield this designation) in other words, will act much like a tuning fork for your future love life. – MZ