Tuesday late, West Coast Time

The highest paid public (i.e., taxpayer funded) employee in 42 of the 50 United States will be found coaching either a college football team or a college basketball team in that state. Blue states, Red states, it doesn’t matter. 42 of the 50. Coach gets more than the college president. Coach gets more than the governor of the state. 42 of the 50. More reason for the student athletes to be paid.

There are more vacation homes in the United States than there are people without a home at all. Per US Census data, in California, for example, there are three vacation homes for every unhoused person in the state. And that’s the lowest discrepancy. In some East Coast states, there are three dozen vacation homes for each homeless person.

Those are a couple of observations from this 2021 book, North American Maps for Curious Minds, by Matthew Bucklan & Victor Cizek. (The hardcover book I used was manufactured in Turkey.)