Destroying art isn’t cool

Reading about various ‘self-expressionists’ gluing themselves to paintings or otherwise defacing art treasures leads me to think of a little kid throwing tantrums. Yes, concern over climate change is very serious and if something isn’t done soon enough – disaster.

But masterpieces belong to the world as part of our shared treasures. Destroying them in the name of ‘saving the earth’ somehow doesn’t quite jibe, you know? I could give them a star for effort – but that’s all I’d give them. Grow up, folks. Find another way to vent your despair, anger, depression, whatever it is motivating you to harm something irreplaceable with like, spitting in someone’s eye. You get their attention, but also their anger and disgust at your actions. Remember, angry and disgusted people aren’t going to listen to what you have to say, no matter how important it is.

You have the right to express your opinion. But you don’t have the right to destroy an artist’s personal expression. Chill.


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