Don’t just bag it

So it looks like a really bad scene, you know? That’s one maxi-monster there, and one I doubt I could ever put on a canvas – not without working waaaayyy too many days and nights just tripping on it. That’s an AI-generated freak, by the way. But don’t lose your cool. Don’t give up creating what really gets your vibes. Don’t bag it and walk away.

Here’s my Inner Artist speaking – “Impressive. Grade-A creep with serious anger management issues. But I insist real, genuine art from the soul of the painter/sketcher/collagist/sculptor will never be in Xerox mode. You can’t work the soul into daubs of paint and brushstrokes. You can only do your thing and put heart into your work. And then your supporters will feel with their souls and grok what you’re expressing.”

Yeah, things may get really hairy for a while. And your hotel room ‘canvasses’ will be like, everywhere. But creativity can’t be machine-made. And until the wheels figure out how to program the AI humanoid bots with Asimov’s Rules of Robotics, interaction between humans and the bots will have to be constrained.

There’s room for all of us; if you’re not pretending some of the better images are your own, then see if you can make more bread with an AI assistant. As for me, I’m going to continue being my creative self. And wait for the mad scientists to build a housekeeping robot, like Rosie on the Jetsons. – A.R. Tist