Election Update

As this is being written and posted 11/1/2022, Election Day is a week away. Where I am registered there is early voting, so I have early voted. And I want to add to my post from last week that predicted a landslide Democrat victory in the midterms.

First, the Democrat landslide will be greater than I predicted. While I still project the Democrats to control the House by a 325-110 majority, I now predict the Senate will be controlled by Democrats (and independents) to the tune of 62-38.

As I mentioned last week, Democrat strength and momentum is not being recognized in mainstream media polling, and I cited the likeability factor, that midterms are a referendum on the president, and Americans like Joe Biden, there is no buyer’s remorse among the electorate. In fact, the more voters learn about the accomplishments of the Biden Administration, greater achievements than in the first two years of any previous president, the more they appreciate him, and thus will vote favorably for Democrats. And voters who are willing to impoverish themselves for the benefit of the wealthy few–voters who can’t make themselves miserable enough (pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, etc.) convinced that freedom and democracy are on the line–those voters adore Joe Biden. The rich are fine with him, as long as he keeps tossing subsidies and incentives their way. Why mainstream media polling isn’t making that connection, I don’t know.

Second, there is an e-vehicle mania happening in the American psyche right, and while the media does a very good job hyping the product, the political connection is being missed. America is mad for EV’s, and President Biden and the Democrats with their funding and incentives are practically synonymous with EV production. Slam dunk for Democrats on this, mainstream pollsters asleep.

Next, there’s the Toxic White Male Paradox. While Woke America believes white males to be toxic to civilization (in the past, currently, and in the future) and old white males to be even more toxic, they somehow also adore the old white male in the White House and believe him to be the savior of democracy, freedom, liberty, and identity. The energy from that seeming contradiction transmits to Democrat votes. The media has missed this completely (or might be afraid to touch it).

And finally there’s now a new factor in the mix, which I’m sure the pollsters will overlook, and that is the Pelosi Paradox. This is the circumstance where any concerns or hesitations a voter may have had about the Speaker of the House are immediately wiped away, any disagreements within her own party forgiven, because of the criminal assault on her husband. Between now and election day, the Speaker is temporarily absolved, and any Republican attempts to criticize her will be counterproductive, which then has the potential of more voter energy surging toward Democrats because the Republicans just can’t help themselves.

No, the pollsters are clueless. Democrats win big next Tuesday.