Neurographic Art

One of my missions in life is to encourage all kinds of people to try some form of art.

Art is good for your subconscious mind, it relaxes your conscious mind, and it just has a holistic benefit for you. The picture above is an example of what’s now being called “Neurographic Art.” Years ago, it was called ‘doodling.’ But under the name Neurographic Art, you’ll find at least a dozen videos on YouTube and some very personable instructors to encourage you to try this simple technique.

Now, this picture isn’t a perfect example; there are lots of sharp corners that really need to be rounded to get the flow just right. But you get the idea. Watch a few of the videos, grab some markers, a piece of paper, and give it a try!

I think you’ll be very glad you did.

Let me know whether this becomes a hobby with you. Or a passion. I’d bet my hand-carved love beads that you’ll at least feel more relaxed. And man, in today’s frenzied world, we can all use some relaxation. Peace.


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  1. Hello A.R., Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Back when I inquired about your initials, and before I knew the answer, I assumed that A. R. stood for “Always Ready”, as in always ready to discover and share creative insights. I could have been right! Anyway, thanks again.

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