Everybody talks about it…

… but nobody does anything about it. Of course, I’m referencing the weather here. And no matter where in the USA you call home, I would be willing to bet you had your life significantly impacted by the recent spate of untenable weather events. Many of us were under tornado watches and warnings – and some, sadly, didn’t escape serious injury or even death – while others were battling floods, terribly strong winds, blizzards, ice storms and hailstones larger than golf balls.

It’s hard to keep putting your life back together, even if just your work or school schedule was impacted, or you were caught without an emergency supply of water and food in the cupboard or your career-impinging business trip was delayed. (I read of a recent study that found it takes an average of twenty-three minutes to get your thoughts back together when someone or something interrupts you. Imagine the time it may take to get back to your original conclusion if that interruption lasted for more than a minute or two.)

In my last published column, I wrote of some changes coming regarding several significant planets: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. I’ve been studying these impending changes, and will hopefully begin delineating these tomorrow for you, my dear readers.

Thank you for your patience. – MZ

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