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It seems oddly significant to me that Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter – all planets considered heavy weights by many astrologers – will be lined up in adjacent signs. Pluto entered Aquarius on March 23 this year, right alongside the Spring Equinox, and it’ll be interesting to watch the transformations this planet will bring – or force – for not only many people but generations to come. Pluto takes so long to transit its full orbit, it’s called the ‘generational planet,’ spending approximately twenty-eight years or more in each sign as it progresses. What changes will it initiate for another group of people born during this transit? We’ve already seen so many differences in everything from music to movies to computers and tech to super tech and AI during the emergence and disruption of ‘normal’ patterns by not just the Millennials but their progeny, the Z Generation. What name will the next children bear? And what world will they inhabit? A re-conditioned Earth or a planet in the midst of resettlement?

Then Saturn is making its presence felt in a Water Sign, Pisces, having left the Air Sign Aquarius on March 7, 2023 with its general overview of people en mass with changes taking place among huge groups rather than individuals. The planet known for bringing karma to your very doorstep won’t leave Aquarius until February 13, 2026, so you may wish to fasten your seatbelt now in preparation for a lengthy and very lesson-ridden time. Saturn and the sign Pisces are quite different in their energies, so expect almost a battle of the ancient Roman gods in Olympus as duty and emotions clash repeatedly. Will people follow their hearts or their heads?

Finally, Jupiter , the Great Benefactor speeds through Aries from last December 21 through May 16, 2023. Those born under Aries may feel a little short-changed, as Jupiter has no retrograde period in this Fire Sign – no second chance for the Ram to grasp that golden ring on the next transit of the planet. Instead, Aries will have to seize opportunities quickly and then follow through on them to completion just as rapidly – always the hardest part for the Ram. Details, the last touches to projects and cleaning up afterward are not their strong suit.

Jupiter is then direct in Taurus, an Earth Sign from May 17 through September 3, 2023 and then it turns retrograde for a full ten degrees until December 30, 2023. Jupiter resumes its direct motion on December 31 (what a New Year’s gift for the Bull) and proceeding through Taurus yet again until entering Gemini on May 26, 2024. If a Taurus can’t take advantage of this planet known for its generosity during these lengthy forward transits, then he/she isn’t really putting in their best efforts.

Naturally, your curiosity is focused on how each of these planets will affect your particular Sun Sign. I’ll be examining the salient points for you tomorrow and Monday, in special posts apart from my regular column on Fridays. Until then, rest peacefully and know the planets are all in their orbits just as they should be at this time.

Ever feel as if you’re juggling three planets in mid-air all at the same time? Guess what? We all are. – MZ