I Told Her I Said

 And not only that
 Were you here earlier?
 OK so. The only problem is,
 No no no you’re right.
 But is life based on a true story?
 And so then,
 Yeah, yeah.
 No no.
 I told her I said
 That’s part of the problem
 Which I’m wondering because even like
 I didn’t hear what happened
 How did I know?
 I was like oh my god, right?
 But then I heard like--
 You know about that?
 How do you know about that?
 When they told me
 I was like what?
 And they’re acting like well, OK.
 And I go you forgot one.
 But that’s just like hey.
 (I don’t know if you didn’t know that
 Her and Wendy switched.)
 And like right away she’s like
 Oh, OK, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
 And I’m just sitting there going huh?
 And she’s all you know I got to thinking,
 She’s like you know it makes sense.
 And so but like anyway
 I was trying to wait to see.
 I heard tentatively around April.
 But I told her I go
 I don’t watch the news.

© 2021 Randy Stark

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