Walden X

 The mountains wear fresh white snow like fitness models.
 The foothills are still in sleep pants and hoodies.
 The moon used a pill cutter.
 We had to overdub the insect lines due to pesticides.
 And some pine siskins don’t look good in stripes.
 But we’ve got squirrels and we’ve got possums
 So ain’t nobody lacking for meat.
 You got three hearts, like a pair and a half of boxing gloves,
 Nine brains and blue blood?
 You got a splash shield and a cache of tambourines,
 Alpaca socks (flushable and fashionable)
 Stashed in foam hinged lid containers,
 And a tenor sax that would have cost you double at the airport?
 You might make it. 

© 2021 Randy Stark

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