It Made Me Actually Wonder

 While the rain is in town for a convention
 Pounding the nonstick surfaces
 Of the stovetop skyline, 
 The weather service warned those living in the riverbed
 To seek higher ground.
 Sanitation crews spread tweets.
 All great cities have two or more Four Seasons,
 And in the rising tide of curbside check-in
 She didn’t even try stepping out of the limo, 
 She just fell out.
 Then: Brainbuster Replay:
 She fell down again tryna stand up.
 But it made me actually wonder.
 Do you have any idea how much solitude costs these days?
 What it takes to afford to be alone? Plus tax?
 I would never have dreamt.
 And she could be concussed for all we know.
 Vacationing in the psychotropics like that. 

© 2021 Randy Stark

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