It Was Like to the Point

 Everybody is so
 How do I redeem rewards? 
 But I also kind of think
 Poetry has a unique ability
 Whereas like
 Beeng beeng boonga.
 Yeah I mean it's funny.
 Buy three R24/7 12-round magazines or 
 Three R24/7 15-round magazines 
 And save $30 plus 
 Free shipping.
 Toong toong peeng.
 And then it got to where
 It kind of started to go a little viral
 So I never actually
 Oh yeah no
 It was totally like
 Boyng yoyng yoyng
 But what is nice is
 By 7 a.m. there was herd immunity.
 That’s always a plus.
 Sort of like scrap lumber
 Marrying into the woodwind family.
 Zewm zewm zewm.
 I remember thinking at the time
 Beeng beeng boonga.
 Toong toong peeng.
 Boyng yoyng yoyng.
 Zewm zewm zewm.
 See what I’m saying? 

© 2021 Randy Stark

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