The book progresses

My readers may recall I was considering writing a book about astrology and had been in negotiations with a small publisher. Those negotiations are now all but completed, and I thought to share with you a rough draft of the Foreword to my ‘book in the works.’

Philosophy, Psychology, Personality

Astrology is an interlocking, complex system used for making sense of the universe around you and the world between your ears: your emotions, your talents and your liabilities. Some astrologers consider the entire system to be a philosophy; some probe the psychological meanings woven into the astral chain of planetary aspects, while yet others use classifications of personality types to counsel clients.

The Babylonians, a wise and ingenious ancient culture, are generally credited with the first structured use of astrology, but whether they actually invented the entire methodology remains open to question. The important point is that for over thousands of years astrology has been found to have validity assisting humans in best managing their lives and affairs, whether in business or in lust, while on this plane of existence.

You may find confirmation of some suspected but not yet released traits as you delve more deeply into this ancient teaching, or you might experience abrupt discovery of a heretofore unused talent. You could find clarity and renewed energy as you respond to the patterns set for you by the stars and planets themselves. Astrology cannot, of and by itself, make or compel you to do anything. Anyone who foolishly ascribes erratic or antisocial behavior to malefic influences in his/her chart will find the laws inherent in the Universe itself will correct any attempt to sidestep personal responsibility. This also applies to your life when you ‘shoot yourself in the foot’ as the common vernacular describes self-destructive behavior. Whatever the Generation designation – Boomers, X, Millennials, Z, Alpha or ? – members will not be excused from culpability. Your ruse of blaming anyone other than yourself for your unbalanced life will not be accepted by the powerful astral forces.

So, as a tiny portion of this power has been delivered into your hands, now begin to use astrology as a tool. Carefully hone your skills and talents, bring forth the best of your personality and discard the bitterness, while accessing the creative depths of your subconscious mind. Ultimately, you may attain a sense of purpose in your life, which will give poignant meaning to the whole.

#Madame Zombra