Moods of the Moon II

Last week I commented “Signs which are sextile (two signs away from your natal Sun) and trine (four signs away) … are the people you’re immediately at home with, or feel friendship with after a short conversation. “

And I heard from some readers who felt the article on squares and oppositions was a little on the negative side. A good point, which I should have considered, and not left readers to have only one portion of their natal charts to wonder about for a solid week. Mea culpa, and now let’s proceed to the ‘sunny side’ of astrology. Get a piece of paper and draw a circle. Divide it into twelve sections and label each section with one zodiac sign. Now, put your finger on your own Natal Sun sign and count two signs forward. There’s your first sextile. Put your finger on your sign once more and count two signs backwards. There’s your other sextile. Do the same, counting four signs forward and four signs back to get your two trines.

As examples, we’ll look at the sextiles and trines for the sign ruled by the Sun: Leo.

Sextile to a natal Sun in Leo are the signs Libra and Gemini. Libra often brings a lighter touch to projects and even dreams cherished by a Leo; this combination of two people often results in marriage or a relationship with much in common, as both of them enjoy art, fine dining, the theatre and so on. Opportunities to indulge in these lovely moments will occur when the transiting Moon enters Libra. This can also be the time of neighborhood get-togethers, or sibling observances of birthdays or holidays.

Gemini and Leo can get along famously as long as the Lion remembers there are actually three people in this relationship, as Gemini lives up to its title of The Twins. It’s also the House ruling friendships in most Leo charts, so a Gemini is generally the chatty friend accompanying the Lion on a short trip or shopping expedition. It’ll likely involve mingling with a rather large crowd as well, or being in the audience for a rock concert or sporting event. The transiting Moon in Gemini would make the planned event more festive, and possibly deepen the friendship.

The signs which are trine a Leo Sun are also Fire Signs: Sagittarius and Aries. Since they’re all active, dynamic people, they have a lot in common and certainly understand each other far better than a Leo and a Moon Child (Water Sign), for instance. When the Moon passes through Sagittarius, expect romance to have an especial appeal, as The Archer holds sway over a Leo’s House of Romance. There can be lots of activities involving children as well, and this could be the time when a Papa Lion is talked into being a Scout Leader or coach.

Aries rules the House of Higher Education and long journeys for Leos, so the Moon may promote the idea of a trip to Spain or Hawaii – or going after an advanced degree, at least for two and a half days. It’s also a time when Leo’s personal philosophy helps him/her deal with a situation and turn it to good account rather than having the persons involved become antagonistic towards one another.

Now, have you noticed something? Astrology tends to contribute a sense of balance to your life, in that much of the time, the negative aspects in your chart are offset by positive ones. There aren’t many charts which have only bad aspects; indeed, I can only think of one chart which indicated a thoroughly disagreeable personality and an unholy selfishness on the part of the native; a four-year-old at the time. The very sad confirmation of these traits was the constant emotional upheaval for the native’s adopted family. She had been adopted from another country and brought to the US with such anticipation by her new parents and two brothers who couldn’t wait to have a little sister. But nothing suited the new member of the family and she either had her way in all matters or else threw such screaming tantrums the family was constantly in turmoil. That little girl’s chart is the only one I can think of which had so many negative aspects it was hard to find even a modicum of encouragement for the parents. And over more years than Madame Zombra wishes to remember, there have been a goodly number of chart interpretations.

Therefore, you aren’t going to get much sympathy about a square or two or a hard opposition in your particular chart from your hard-hearted ancient astrologer. Have your chart calculated by three of the online astrology sites (many of them will do your Natal chart for free) and then gather your charts and make a person to person appointment with a professional astrologer for one final interpretation. Bear in mind there are some aspects which, while difficult to live with, often mean artistic talent or perhaps money finally coming to the native late in life. And if you still feel you’re star-crossed, then my advice would be to throw all the charts into the trash and find a good palm-reader – or an analyst.

And I do feel strongly that astrology and chart interpretations are best when a sense of humor is present and a light-hearted approach. Life’s problems can be hard enough without bowing your head under the false impression that your Natal Chart has condemned you to a life of stress and strife.

Stand up and fight, Buttercup. You’re your own best cheering section, and you deserve to be recognized for your talents too. MZ


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  1. Dear Madame Z.,

    Me being a Leo, I really appreciate you doing much of the heavy lifting for me in terms of my trines and sextiles. I am savoring the explanations. Also, I agree re hard oppositions. Nothing’s perfect. Many people seem to have been indoctrinated in being “proactive” and covering all the bases, that when the inevitable opposition presents itself, they don’t know how to properly RE-act and often don’t even know which base the play is at.

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