New month and new challenge

Although not as far-reaching as the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn which is just finishing, Mars assuming a retrograde position in Aries in September will make its mark. Mars will be retrograde September 9 to November 13, 2020. And this means?

You’ll need to sit down and carefully examine multiple aspects of your life. Do you feel if assertive behavior to get what you want doesn’t get results, it’s perfectly all right to become aggressive? Is ‘introspection’ such a foreign term to you that its spelling needs to be checked when you’re using it? Has your anger at your job situation or the unprecedented personal restrictions visited upon everyone due to Covid-19 become resentment or depression?

Then it’s time for some advice on how you may best deal with the Retrograde Mars entering your life on a lesser or grander scale. And one thing I, Madame Zombra, am known for is my lavish abundance of advice, given at the slightest opportunity. Read.

Aries: March 21-April 19

You may grind your teeth at inner urgings to calmly assess the project or problem in front of you rather than riding at it full tilt, lance and armor clanking to quash any opposition, as is your usual method. But you are dealing with your Sun sign’s ruler, and attaining a new viewpoint of your true inner drive will be beneficial. Your byword at this time should be ‘patience.’ Have you started a new pursuit yet gotten bored or frustrated with a slow pace of advancement and dropped the entire project? Should you resume your endeavors? Try to cast old problems in a new light and then deal with them. Meditate. Rest. Redefine what it is you most desire.

Taurus: April 20-May 20

Past problems or relationship difficulties may surface yet again, especially if you’ve buried them under a layer of resentment or denial. Don’t brood. Old hurts need to be discarded with finality, but don’t rush to confront the person or persons involved; take time to communicate rather than bellow. This time in history is fraught with emotional difficulty for us all. Be the stalwart shoulder for persons of lesser stamina than yourself, but don’t push past your true limits. Indecisive over a course of action? Then rest, reflect and don’t berate yourself for indecision. Regard it as protective coloration instead.

Gemini: May 21-June 21

Your long-term goals (do Geminis plan more than one week ahead?) may conflict with what your family and/or friends want you to do. Make it a point to sit down at least twice weekly and quietly assess those goals: are they still what you most desire? Have they changed in importance or feasibility? Are there one or more which no longer interest you? What do you need to change in small increments, not tossing out everything (including your relationships) at once? Get off by yourself frequently and realize humans do not do well in cataclysms. Avoid setting them off if at all possible.

Cancer: June 22-July 22

You may feel your career is in jeopardy during this retrograde period – and it well may be. However, all is not lost. Secretly you’ve likely been thinking about changes in your employment situation anyway, and this transit serves to bring them forcefully to your attention. Try to arrive at two or three ‘tweaks’ in these nine weeks that could lead to greater satisfaction in your work. Use energy to edit rather than initiate overwhelmingly large and drastic changes. Moonchildren don’t do well with revolution instead of refinement, retrograde or no retrograde. Caution suits your psyche much better.

Leo: July 23-August 22

Vacation travel? Not in the cards now, ducks. Hopefully you can get a refund if you already paid for that cruise or safari. But now what are you going to do with yourself with no special trip in the offing? Well – any time a planet is in retrograde motion is a good time to reassess, review, even refocus. For what reason, exactly, were you traveling? If you were seeking to advance your career, is there a way for you to publish some of your findings and become an expert in your field, even without the mileage? An older project that was shelved because of the trip could be quite valuable if you examine it carefully. Maybe your refund would be better spent on more specialized  courses or an advanced degree.

Virgo: August 23-September 22

Ah, finances. Debt, savings, investments – what to winnow out first? You may find yourself in heated debates with your partner over monies going out – and painfully, because more income than outgo may be looming soon. Old issues about money management, especially those learned from parents, can resurface now and disturb your peace of mind, making that first cup of coffee in the morning taste like a moldy sock. Grab your mouse and educate yourself reading and studying the vast array of financial advice, tips and examples available to you. And don’t do anything until you’ve gained a new perspective. This is a time for planning to build a new and more robust monetary system.

Libra: September 23-October 22

That perfect partnership may begin showing some really distressing flaws. Set aside some serious “me” time and dig really deeply into your motivations for staying in the relationship or considering a new one. Find ways to patch up the cracks in the solidarity, or calm and gentle ways to start disentangling your lives together so you may find deeper meaning. It’s not impossible to live alone; Libra just regards such a situation with genuine horror. Given that reminder, can the two of you begin again and find more common ground this time? Don’t let angry words simmer below the surface but don’t erupt like a geyser and completely destroy your partner’s trust, either. Turn to your mantra for life: balance.

Scorpio: October 23-November 21

Older astrology texts before the discovery of Pluto taught that Mars ruled Scorpio and Aries. In modern works, co-rulership for Scorpio is assigned to Pluto and Mars, so this may be a difficult transit for you. Don’t let sheer frustration push you to endanger your health, by working too many hours, or defying the odds to go out and enjoy yourself without today’s protective steps. If you can see nothing but drudgery and irritation at work or in your home, you must take time out to carefully consider just exactly what’s causing your upset. When a situation rattles a Scorpio’s nerves, it’s definitely serious. Avoid dismissing it out of hand; engage in introspection and rebuild the situation closer to what you truly want.

Sagittarius: November 22-December 21

Kids, creativity and romance may all be in apparent turmoil. Whether the kids are your own or your partner’s, they may be more rambunctious than usual and less apt to behave. Your creative projects may run into multiple snags: a patron is no longer interested in funding your work or you’re having to work more hours to bring your income up to its former level. And then your romantic partner feels ignored – what can you do? Try taking the whole bunch camping and get away from big city burdens to have quiet time by the fire once the kids are in their sleeping bags. Enthusiasm may be lacking for continuing the partnership or you may need new structure to your lives. Talk it out.

Capricorn: December 22-January 19

Stresses and strains around the home are brought forward in major ways during this transit, so be forewarned. Old issues regarding the distribution of responsibilities may come to the fore, or a major repair needs to be done immediately, meaning you must dip into savings to pay for a new furnace, a better car, a new roof. Have you been asserting yourself or playing the financial card to get your way? A pervading sense of instability can rock a Capricorn to the core, causing turmoil in health or wealth. Don’t become Mr. Barrett of Wimpole Street, who ruled his family with a fist clutched tight around money spent only for bare necessities – yet there was ample wealth laid up at the bank.

Aquarius: January 20-February 18

This may seem (and unfairly) to be another replay of a retrograde Mercury, as this Mars retrograde period occurs in your house of communications. Check meeting times and schedules a third time before assigning fault as to who didn’t measure up. Projects hit multiple snags at this time, and you may wish to simply throw all of them in the dustbin and walk away. Don’t. Remember, gold gets dug out of dirt. What can you retrieve and make new? Take your time in explaining your actions to someone close, as self-expression is difficult now as well. Routines can feel stifling – but take heart. Nine weeks, and it’s over. And Mars won’t go retrograde again until 2022.

Pisces: February 19-March 20

Money may have assumed a huge importance that it never had before as unemployment, layoffs and outright firings continue throughout work and career. Try to calm your nerves and write down your options, if you feel your income may be in jeopardy. Start now to let the word get out that you may be looking for a change, if need be. A new career or even securing a job today takes time and patience in order to replace it. If you can, wait until the retrograde period is finished and quietly work through your justifiable feelings of anger at being bypassed for a promotion or perks like more vacation days. If you feel the work has gone stale, research what might fit you better and for many years to come. Preparation is never wasted.

It’s as if Mars reached back and dredged up the major issue you’ve been avoiding for months or even years. Study, reflect, prepare. New opportunities can arise quickly.  – MZ  

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