Resignation and Retrograde

The ‘resignation’ to which I refer is one that took withdrawing my blogs from one service provider to another in search of more continuous service with fewer disruptions. Madame Zombra will not bore you with the details, but Constant Readers are well aware of the peculiar silences over the past year when storms, aging equipment and various Unfortunate Events precluded publication of my column. Not one to make hasty decisions, I pondered my options and did research. Naturally.

And so we will wend our way forward, with high hopes, as of this week embarking upon a genteelly-constructed schedule and anticipate All Things Internet now eager to share the astrological philosophy with our readers. Regularly. Or else MZ will resort to a cauldron fixed over an evil fire of black flames and be heard muttering, “Boil, boil, internet troubles … “

Enough of that joking chicanery. Astrology has no connection with witchcraft unless an astrologer desires it and studies the Dark Arts as well. Madame Zombra eschews such now, and always.

Now for the Alert: Mercury goes retrograde this Wednesday, August 23, and remains retreating in Virgo until September 15, 2023. Mark your calendars. (And yes, the change in service providers was done with an eye to the retrograde on the horizon.)

So, readers, you know what’s required of you: a little more diligence in your communications, cross-checking appointment dates and times, and allowing extra travel time if you’re in transit anywhere at all. Godspeed.

1 thought on “Resignation and Retrograde”

  1. Madame Zombra,

    Is this Mercury retrograde warning the same thing as the tropical storm warning I got three days ago before all hell broke loose? Just wondering.

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