Around the World in 80 Minutes


I was in Maputo, Beijing and Caracas
Zagreb, Nairobi, Vancouver, Cairo, Florence (Loggia della Signoria)
Seoul, Dhaka, Tokyo (Shinjuku)
Algiers, Beirut, Damascus, Tashkent
Lagos Nigeria AND Lagos Portugal
Reykjavik the same as Asunción the same as Jerusalem
Kigali (cleaner than Dubai?)
London’s Chinatown
Medellin, New York City (Bushwick)
Oslo, Banjul, Mexico City, Toronto
What I see on the walking tours
Is every bit as real to me as anything labeled “news”
I had coffee at the mission
It’s actually pretty like infused 
Caffeine and belief
Christ offers forgiveness for everyone everywhere
Or so the sign said
I crave the coffee AND the forgiveness

© 2023 Randy Stark

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1 thought on “Around the World in 80 Minutes”

  1. Great stars above, this poem leaves one breathless and dizzy.
    Too many latitudes and longitudes to absorb it all – but a valid point. You need not leave home to experience the broadening of travel.

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