What I’m Hearing

 This week
 They said last spring.
 By Easter.
 Stage one, phase five, third wave, second tier, key indicator seven.
 The next eleven days
 Was three months ago.
 And summer.
 Stage two, phase thirty-three, fourth wave, first tier, key indicator twelve.
 Assignments may occur any day of the week
 And may occur more than once a week
 Between the hours of ten a.m. and after the second day. 
 Stage four, phase one, fifty-fifth wave, twenty second tier, key indicator seventy-six.
 Today they talked about seven-day lags.
 Is next Wednesday twenty-four hours ago? 
 And by fall quite frankly stage fifteen, phase forty-three,
 One hundred twenty second wave, eighty eighth tier, key indicator nine.
 In the past three weeks alone
 Or the upcoming milestone
 In ten additional days
 Stage eight, phase fifty-seven, sixth wave, third tier, key indicator sixty-four.
 Next month add on
 The future moving forward.
 Fifty to seventy-five days, the president said.
 Stage two, phase two, three hundred and fourth wave, eighteenth tier, key indicator five.
 So today could be the winter 
 That might be the hardest and the saddest week 
 Of what certainly is going to be the fifty-three thousandth wave.
 And if the doubling continues… 

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