Sun, Moon and Ascendant

It seems many people have begun questioning their purpose in life; why they’re alive at this particular time in history, what they’re supposed to be doing to fulfill their destiny. This may be due to the painfully recent and overwhelming three years we all just went through as the Covid pandemic brought us face to face with previously unimaginable choices, grievous losses or forced changes in everyone’s life.

Whatever its cause, here are a few thoughts on how your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant may help you in choosing the best road for you to walk.

According to traditional texts, your Sun Sign symbolizes your Spirit; your Moon, your Soul, and your Ascendant, your body.

Your Sun Sign represents the main core of your being; the central part of you which never really changes, and is you as an individual following what your Spirit knows to be the fulfillment of your life’s work. Your Sun shows the life force and the vitality of your body, the way you manifest your power and ambition to the outer world. You may change your outward appearance by employing plastic surgery or colored contact lenses, but the center of your being doesn’t change. This is the real you.

Your Moon Sign shows your point of view and your beliefs and opinions. It also symbolizes your knowledge and your capacity to learn or be receptive to new material or thoughts. Your focus of your conscious mind is your Moon Sign and shows how you relate to the environment in which you find yourself. Your sensitivity is indicated also, as well as your adaptability and your emotional response to various situations and persons you meet.

Your Ascendant is what – or whom – other people see and meet when they first approach you. Your personal appearance is governed by your Ascendant, as is your disposition and your expression of it. The personality most people think of you having may or may not be the true inner you as shown by your Sun Sign. Think of an introvert who nevertheless is a record-breaking salesperson – because whatever is being sold is something the reserved person believes in with all his or her heart. You can also draw upon your Ascendant to provide you with many roles to play upon the world stage; the conformist when meeting those in authority, the light-hearted friend who always cheers the despondent, the stern disciplinarian toward children. Your Ascendant is your ‘public face.’

Perhaps you may regard your Sun Sign as being the true you; your Moon sign indicating whether or not you choose to reveal every aspect of your very complex persona, and your Ascendant as who you appear to be to other people and in social media groups.

Some quiet meditation is what I would advise in seeking your true purpose in life. Astrology can suggest, it can nudge you towards the strengths of certain aspects or caution you about weaknesses of which you may not have been aware – but it is no substitute for knowing oneself. Therein lies your touchstone.


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  1. Madame Z,

    Thank you for your (always seemingly) patient explanations for those of us who aren’t catching on as quickly as we might like. I guess I need to get my Ascendant in gear.

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