Music hath charms

Have you tried drawing, painting, sketching or using pastels while listening to music?

IMO, the music you’re listening to will have an effect on your art. Upbeat music for me somehow plays into brighter colors and more impressionistic forms. Doleful sounds will influence a really drab palette (so will mournful country music, come to think of it) and jazz seems to cause repeated motifs throughout a work.

Give it a try? Especially if you’re stuck, with one corner or a background stubbornly refusing to cooperate. And let me know in the Comments section if music helps you create, or just distracts you. It’ll all be a groove, anyway.

#onedimensionalartist A.R. Tist

1 thought on “Music hath charms”

  1. A.R.,

    I’m with you. Recently heavy in my rotation: American classical music from the first half of the 20th century by Florence Price, and William Grant Still.

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