Music hath charms

Most people have a preference when it comes to the music they enjoy listening to, whether in the car, beside their bed at night or during the work day in the home office. Does your taste fit well with your Sun sign? Aries: Marches, martial music and lots of percussion likely ring your chimes – […]

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Collected Tweets

Kwee kwee kwee kwee Cheeweewoo cheeweewoo cheeweewoo Eye tway you eye tway yoo Eeeoooyaww eeeooyaww Tsktsktsk Deeek Deeek Ascrung ascrung ascrung Xheek xheek Wheeup wheeup Hee hee hee Wawk wawk wawk Eent eent eent eent Pwee pwee pwee pwee Pieurrr pieurrr Tseet tseet Chidda chidda chid Chidda chidda chid Bwee bwee Yis yis yis yis

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