The Overly Suite

 Left brain/right brain.
 Super unbearable.
 That’s just oh yeah.
 Oh that’s funny.
 Place is cherry.
 Legit and pretty chill. 
 Especially that now.
 You know.
 But uh yeah.
 Shift and recommit.
 Nice to see you. 
 Howya doing?
 Claim your free.
 Enjoy an extra.
 Plus an additional.
 To me that’s like.
 Gracias José.
 Gracias Brenda.
 I’m just saying to put this piece here
 With these other two pieces.
 With exclusive offers from brands you love.
 You can practically eat your way to savings.
 That gets me in.
 That and I was baptized Catholic.
 We love you. Honestly.
 No—we do, we love you.

© 2021 Randy Stark

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