You’re kidding me …

Read several stories in the news about an artist who delivered blank canvases to the folks at the gallery who’d advanced him $84,000 to do a restoration/copy/whatever of another piece of art. And according to the articles, he titled his blank canvases “Take the money and run.”

That’s just so wrong in so many ways.

I mean, what a dirty trick to pull on someone who’s paid you – very well – in advance.

I won’t divulge what I’ve been paid for a painting. But it wasn’t that much. And now this ‘artist’ will cause a lot of people to look sideways at those of us who love to paint and are trying to make a living at following our passion.

I hope his cat pushes a whole can of newly-cleaned brushes off into the litter box. I hope spiders nest in his pastels. I hope his next nude model turns out to be the girl he stalked in high school, and she files a lawsuit against him because she belongs to the Me Too group.

You get the picture. I’m mad. Indignant. Outraged. And I hope you are too.

Sincerely, A. R. Tist #one-dimensional artist

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  1. Today’s art world reminds me of Al Capone’s Chicago. A.R., you might need to do a portrait of Eliot Ness.

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