The Phlebotomist from Brazzaville

 The world is a rage room overrun  
 By carbon-based stink bugs and lizards 
 Whispering have you gotten vaccinated yet?
 Adults killing over coloring books,
 Kids using cell phones for vaping,
 Underscoring the need for hot stones and medical peels,
 Framing the need for decolonial poetic intervention,
 Directed against the epistolary stasis and essentialising 
 Tendencies of frantic texts.
 It gets to a point where
 All rights are vicious rights when
 Everything is strictly prohibited by law.
 But uh the thing is 
 The pace isn’t blistering, it’s the shoes.
 Smug humility masking a desperado philosophy.
 You deserve an extended getaway.
 Not sure which route to take?
 Which arm are we doing today?
 The phlebotomist from Brazzaville
 Her top game is something special,
 Hard and forward.
 You are all set.
 You have a good one, okay?
 And give me all 10s when you get the survey. 

© 2021 Randy Stark

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