The rest of the retrogrades

The original retrograde list was almost as long as a grocery list; however, some of the retreating planets on that list have shifted back to normalcy now, and we’ll consider the rest of the stubborn planets in this blog.

Mars went retrograde just last week, on October 30, to be exact. And the pugnacious planet continues its withdrawal into Gemini until January 12, 2023. Then it makes an about-face and whips through Gemini for a reprise until March 26, 2023, when it enters Cancer. Does this mean if you’re around The Twins on a regular basis, you should walk on eggshells until next spring? Well. No, of course not. But it wouldn’t hurt.

While I am being a bit facetious, you’ll likely find those people born between May 21 and June 21 to be touchy, impatient and unable to sit still for very long. In other words, normal. But be aware their tongues can deal grievous wounds. And they can act on impulse and in haste, walking out on a cherished relationship or job when they feel like it. Just state your position quietly and without drama, if you’re involved or asked for your opinion. Gemini will go ahead and do what their two heads are suggesting regardless. But if you’ve offered good advice, then allow your conscience to feel relieved of responsibility for the outcome.

Jupiter continues backpedaling in Pisces until November 23, so as it turns direct the day before Thanksgiving, let’s pause a moment and be thankful for that bit of good news. Maybe if we all make an effort, the Benevolent Planet will beam upon the family gatherings across the nation and cause the festive table to seat no gremlins at its bounty. Maybe belligerent Uncle Fred will have a mild case of laryngitis, and will have to refrain from discussing politics. Maybe Cousin Lynn and her husband will have agreed not to squabble in front of everyone, at least until dessert. And maybe the older kids, having graduated from the little kids’ table, will take it upon themselves to clean up the kitchen and rinse the dishes for the dishwasher while Aunt Mae actually gets to sit down for ten minutes or so. A pleasant Thanksgiving, and one to be anticipated.

Uranus has been retrograde in Taurus since August 24, and continues until January 22, 2023. (The outer planets have both forward and retrograde cycles considerably longer than the planets closer to the Sun.) If the sign of the Bull is significant in your life; i.e., you’re also a Taurus, or a Scorpio, or Aquarius or Leo, then remind yourself frequently that the planet of the unexpected is not ‘out to get you’ or at least, not out to get only you. You’ll have plenty of company for changed flights, surprise gifts, odd weather affecting your plans and at least one big-ticket item accompanied by buyer’s remorse. A volatile planet like Uranus isn’t comfortable in a stolid, patient Earth sign like Taurus. It’s kind of like housing a BMW in an old toolshed. It keeps the rain off, but there’s nothing polished or fittingly elegant about it. And relax. You’ll have plenty of time to adjust to sudden changes of direction, because Uranus doesn’t leave Taurus until July 8, 2025. (Now you know why the outer planets have such lengthy orbits around the Sun. All that backing and filling, as it were.)

Finally, Neptune will absentmindedly wander along its previous path in Pisces until December 4, 2022. This really isn’t an earth-shaking development, unless you’re a Pisces. Or maybe a Virgo. You see, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, so the Fish will have inherent characteristics emphasized; Pisces to the second power, perhaps. Expect them to be a bit more dreamy, a little vague in discussing future plans, perhaps forgetful regarding household chores or the files to be caught up. Now Virgos may find themselves duplicating these odd (for them) traits – but wouldn’t it be nice if Virgos found their Emotional Intelligence scores edging upwards and they were more empathetic?

So you see there are gains to be made even during planetary retrograde periods. That much-vaunted ‘silver lining to those dark clouds’ trope could have more than a grain of truth in it.

Wishing you good vibes from every retrograde that slips into your Natal Chart. – MZ


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  1. Mars or no Mars, twins are trouble. And I’ve felt hounded recently, but now I realize the “planet of the unexpected” might be the culprit. Madame Z. you are a wonder!

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