The Trucker Zone – Lights in the Sky

accelerating into space and straight up

By Timothy D. Brady

There’s nothing wrong with your computer… We are controlling transmission. For the next few minutes, sit quietly and we will control all that you read. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery accompanying every truck which traverses the American Highway – as you enter The Trucker Zone …

It was one of those moonless, cloudless pitch-black night runs from Chicago to Nashville. Early spring, 1986.

The time, around 3 am. I’d pulled off of I-57 at about the 78 Mile Marker to take a short break. In the truck parking section of the Rest Area were nine or 10 trucks idling as their drivers slept. I parked my semi in a space facing west, toward the passenger car parking area and the Restroom/Information building.

I got out and walked toward the restroom. The car area was void of any automobiles, most likely due to the temperature hovering near freezing and also it was the middle of the week. After the pit stop, I grabbed a candy bar from one of the vending machines and began the trek back to my truck.

A blinding light…

I was halfway between the passenger car area and my truck when I witnessed a blinding light coming out of the east and cross over the Rest Area toward the center of Rend Lake. My first thought was it must be a very large meteorite, but as I stood and watched it head toward the lake, it did something I’d never see a meteorite do. It came to a sudden halt in midair and just seemed to hover there. As I was watching this, ah … UFO…? it wasn’t 30 seconds later that another one shows up, following nearly the same path and also comes to an abrupt stop midair, not far from the first one.

They hung there for about 3 minutes…

They both hung there for I’d say about 3 minutes, then one took off at blinding speed to the south and the other to the north. The southerly one traveled 10 seconds in that direction. Made a 90-degree turn to the east. Then a 90-degree turn to the north in another 10 seconds. Then one to the west and stopped – exactly where it’d been hovering. The other light mirrored the first one’s trajectory. Going south. Then west. With a quick turn to the north. And finally to the east. Then stopping to hover where it hovered before.

The two UFOs continued flying in a grid fashion,…

…mirroring each other’s directional changes for about 15 minutes. The final hover lasted about 5 minutes. Then there were bright flashes of light from each of them while accelerating into space and straight up into the cosmos at a rate of speed so fast they were no bigger than a small star – disappearing completely within just a few seconds.

Well, that was unexpected, wonder where they were headed?

So what are your experiences with UFOs?
Please let me know in the comments.

We now return to you control of your computer.

Timothy D. Brady © 2020

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  1. Excellent story. I have not seen a UFO but I have a friend in Seattle who, as a child, one night looked out her bedroom window and saw humano-alien creatures cavorting in the backyard.

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