Those mood changes

Sometimes a different, or even a rather strange mood may descend upon you when you’re not consciously monitoring your emotions. Fear not, dear readers, this is most likely due to the transiting Moon having changed signs and therefore your mood as well.

You can plan ahead to take full advantage of the energies released by the Moon in each sign and thereby accomplish more than you may have anticipated at daybreak. If not, and the day seems to have drifted past you like leaves riding a flowing stream – you can also blame the sign the transiting Moon was in for not completing the tasks you thought you might.

You can find the sign the Moon is in easily on the net by googling the question, or calendars are available with the signs charted for each day. (Given the apparent lack of proofreaders working at places which write such content, Madame Zombra has been unpleasantly surprised at a calendar having serious errors in charting the Moon. So keep an eye out for signals like the Moon supposedly changing signs from Aquarius to Aries without pausing in between and skipping Pisces. Doesn’t happen. Can’t happen. And as an astrology student, you are well able to catch such mistakes. So proceed with making lists and projecting tasks to be done, knowing all is well in the cosmos – just check the veracity of your calendar periodically.)

Let’s begin. When the Moon is in Aries for its usual two and a half days, you’re likely a little more impatient and in a bit more of a hurry. Guard against being quick tempered during these days, and watch the other drivers while you’re commuting so that sudden lane changes, for example, don’t result in a fender-bender. Use the extra energies during this cycle for physical tasks requiring some muscle. You may also change the way you wear your hair (Aries rules the head, remember) or join a gym for regularly scheduled exercise.

Next the Moon shifts into Taurus, and these days would be a good time to visit your banker or interview a financial advisor. You could also go bargain-hunting and enjoy yourself tremendously, perhaps finding that painting for the living room which picks up the shades of the upholstery and makes the entire room more peaceful and comfortable. Try not to go overboard if you decide to eat out; extras pounds may be lurking if you overeat for two or three days.

Once the Moon enters Gemini, you’ll likely be talking to neighbors, siblings or taking a very short trip to go see someone. Gemini likes action and popping in to surprise someone could be just the thing to make your day and theirs too. You can also stay home, but not for long. All those errands you’ve been putting off can now be done as you’re zipping around town, enjoying a burst of energy and the satisfaction of having gotten that to-do list trimmed dramatically.

With the Moon now in Cancer, you may cook and bake for the entirety of the transit – but think what delicious things to eat will be waiting for you! Or you may decide to weed the garden and bring in many more veggies than you thought were out there. Plan a small family gathering so they can enjoy the bounty and wonderful taste of the fresh produce your green thumb is responsible for – and then freeze or can the leftovers for yourself. Home is where you want to be during this transit, so enjoy it.

When the Moon moves into Leo, now’s the time to go out to a Little Theatre production, a concert featuring your favorite singer, or throw a party. You’ll feel a little younger and want to be around more people, so just ‘go with the flow’ and let yourself enjoy every hour. Plan several things to do, and get photos if the action warrants it, so you can enjoy the memories when winter weather tries to overwhelm you with the doldrums. Visit an art gallery, take in a movie, take a walk to the nearest bakery and indulge a bit.

Then the Moon begins to transit Virgo, and you realize you’ve got to balance your budget – but you’ll have planetary help now. And organizing other things will go much more smoothly, whether it’s a new furniture arrangement or clearing off the clutter on your desk, with the Moon nodding encouragement for your efforts. Clean out that closet that’s annoying you or just throw out the accumulated old magazines from the living areas. Getting those kitchen cupboards emptied of the small appliances you haven’t used yet will be easier too.

In Libra, decisions can be difficult, as this sign likes to consider all fifty-seven sides to a question. Relax. Most decisions aren’t of the life-or-death type, and if you want, perhaps you can simply delay the final outcome until you feel more comfortable with what you chose. Surround yourself with upbeat, cheerful people and throw a ‘paint the back bedroom’ party with pizza for all. Your environment needs to be pleasant and relaxing, so if you’ve previously decided to get rid of that horrible chair Auntie Grizelda forced upon you, call to see if a local charity will come and get it .

The Moon in Scorpio can produce some odd vibrations. You may decide to go ‘sleuthing’ and find out just what the background is to that problem that’s irritated you for months. Do research if you need to, or ask the family genealogist what really happened, but try to solve the mystery. Speaking of mysteries, if the weather’s too hot to get out, indulge in some time off spent reading one of your favorite authors, whether it’s a police procedural or a cozy mystery that suits your taste. Your love life may have a very emotional and passionate interlude too.

And now for a change of pace, with the Moon in Sagittarius, you’ll want to be outdoors. Go fishing or camping if you can get the time off, or have a picnic for the kids in the closest park. Getting out in nature for a little fresh air and a brisk walk will clear the cobwebs and leave you refreshed. Perhaps you’ll want to watch some local games or volunteer to be an umpire for an impromptu baseball match-up. But remember to be tactful during this transit; there’s no sense in hurting anyone’s feelings, even if they can’t pitch worth a darn.

Serious becomes the word for the day once the Moon starts its passage through Capricorn, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuffy about it. This might be a good time to ask your supervisor what you could do to advance your career or earn a raise. They should be impressed with your initiative, particularly if you have your reasons for being ready for the next step up already thought out. Or if you want to pursue other interests, this would be a good time to consider signing up for courses or going back to school.

All the stops are out when the Moon wends it way through Aquarius, and you’ll be wearing your ‘wildest threads’ as you choose where you want to go or do during the transit. Unconventional ideas and people will all cross your mind and path; expecting the unexpected will be the password for this time frame. Not for you the staid restaurant on the corner, you’ll be at the Thai buffet or standing at the hot dog stand enjoying your lunch. Trying new things and meeting some very unusual folks will be perfect as you walk a different street or take the bus instead of driving.

Finally the Moon reaches Pisces (and of course will then shift into Aries to start the cycle all over again) and your strongest urges are to paint, write poetry or compose music for the next few days. Listen to a different type of music while you work or sit down at the piano yourself to enjoy playing again – and without your old teacher frowning at your mistakes. Indulge in a little daydreaming, but be sure to write down some those dreams, because this moon transit may bring forth something novel from your subconscious. And if you don’t follow through with examining that dream to see if you can put it into effect, you’ll probably have some regrets.

So enjoy every transit of the Moon as it visits each sign in turn! – MZ

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  1. Ah, a Leo, a sign deserving of the best the world offers, in my (astrology) book.
    Yes, of course, you’re entitled to that entire list – although, in good conscience, I would advise you to not do them all at the same time or within one 24-hour revelry. But go, and do enjoy!
    With my blessing, MZ

  2. “When the Moon moves into Leo…”

    Dear Madame Z, am I, as a Leo, entitled to the benefits and activities that ensue?
    I feel like I just won something on The Price is Right.

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