It’s deja vu all over again!

Rain, wind, lightning, tornado watches – man, it’s getting crrrazy again. Like, how funky can the skies actually get? We may soon find out – that’s going to be a real bummer if I’ve got to wait to post my latest vibe until the storm cell troopers retreat a little all this summer too.

Sorry for the delay, art fans – but as for this old hippie, I believe in climate change. How to change it back is the textbook I want to work with – and like now.

Your frazzled picture-maker, A.R. Tist

1 thought on “It’s deja vu all over again!”

  1. Isn’t it funny that as kids we didn’t give a rat’s rear end about storm cells or atmospheric rivers or pineapple expresses or el ninos or any meteorological phenomena other than could we go outside and play or not.

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