Unusual advice

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Well, perhaps a perfectly preserved vintage Rolls Royce would be a bit over the top … your antediluvian astrologer has always had good taste. But I am going to suggest something I very rarely do.

In honor of Jupiter, the benevolent planet, the generous one, the jovial, cordial planet of fellowship and ease, I suggest that you carve a few dollars – not many, you understand, not more than ten – out of your budget to celebrate Jupiter’s transit in Taurus, which also denotes luxury and good taste. (You have some time to think about your ‘impulse buy’ – Jupiter remains in Taurus until October 9, 2024. If your budget is beyond stretched, then you have time to set back pocket change or a dollar a week to reach your ten dollar no-guilt goal. Humans can fight inflation and the constant downpour of negative news just so long. )

What kind of celebration? Not an extravagant one – (although I do wish every one of you, my faithful readers, could experience genuine wealth this week) – but get yourself a little something: a box of cookies, a bar of creamy soap, a trashy paperback, a coffee mug that you find hilarious, a silly stuffed toy. And have fun hunting for exactly what you want at the discount stores, yard sales or your local thrifts. (You’d have to pay for shipping if you order online for that small a purchase.) Then go home, relax, put on some New Age music, and decompress for an evening.

You’re welcome. But don’t thank me – thank Jupiter. – MZ

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