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Jaw Dropping

Since it’s less crowded It’s known as more Of a hidden gem. Fast sets, Surfers and pelicans Suffering each other, Super cute. Achingly cute. Gaspingly cute. And vice versa The materials of my work Are the platitudes of the day. © 2023 Randy Stark Please visit my website at www.randystark.com. My books are available on …

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As I write this (November 11, 2022) the midterm elections are over, and I obviously overestimated the Democrat victory margin, but I was clearly ahead of the curve in debunking the threat of a red wave. And, in spite of the phony victory laps on the left and the desperate silver lining seekers on the …

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Today is Election Day

My prediction of a Democrat tsunami remains steadfast. The Democrats have not helped themselves, however, with the nonsense and fear mongering about “Democracy” being “at stake.” One Democrat pundit even said that Republicans, if they win, will “arrest your children and maybe kill them.” Huh? What happened to touting the accomplishments of the Biden Administration? …

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Election Update

As this is being written and posted 11/1/2022, Election Day is a week away. Where I am registered there is early voting, so I have early voted. And I want to add to my post from last week that predicted a landslide Democrat victory in the midterms. First, the Democrat landslide will be greater than …

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Get Ready!

As this is being written (10/19/2022) the media cacophony is about polls, specifically polls showing a Republican surge ahead of the elections in early November. A week, ten days ago, it was a Democratic surge. By the time this gets posted, there’ll probably be another surge, and maybe two more before election day. Let me …

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Some Choice Bits

This post is over weighted on the male side, but I think there is some redeeming balance when considering the artwork of Lotte Laserstein, and the random video clip regarding Allegra Hyde. And as for the links in the music section, or any links actually: if the link has rotted, googling the subject is worth …

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What Have We Become?

Think of what basic human amenities you’re doing without, and what basic human amenities people worse off than you are doing without, and then think of the billions of dollars wasted on devices to kill human beings. I ask myself: what happened? It seemed like with the peace movement and the cultural awakenings of the …

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Almost 300 years ago

Amidst the ribaldry of the “off-year” election season now upon us, I was divinely inspired to read Gulliver’s Travels, by Jonathan Swift. The book was written in 1742 and is a classic in English literature. In the selection below, Gulliver has found himself in the country of Laputa, whose governing population consists mainly of a …

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Q and A

Mr. Curtis:  Would you like to try it with me? Miss Winthrop:  I’d love to. Perhaps a duplicate posting; always worth another viewing.