Back in 1180

You know, old art, like this piece titled “War between cats and mice” is still art. So maybe the perspective is a little off, or the colors have faded after a century or two. To me, the important thing is that someone wanted to capture an idea, an imaginative musing or a thought – and the artist did so. That artist did such a great job, as a matter of fact, other people preserved their efforts because they thought the painting deserved to be looked at by future generations.

If just one of my efforts winds up in a museum or a collection someone’s put together of the art that spoke to them, I’ll feel like I communicated with that art patron. And I’ll feel appreciated for showing my viewpoint and having someone else agree with it.

Keep on painting, everyone. Or drawing, or sketching, or using chalk or crayons or finger paint. Whatever the medium, share your world with the much bigger one out there.

Make your own be-in.


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