Inspiration is everywhere

This is a photo I snapped with my phone one night. It’d be a great cover for a book of horror stories. Or a psychological thriller, maybe. Whatever, it’s just cool to my mindset. And I thought I’d show it to you to remind you that, as an artist, inspiration is really everywhere. I once overheard a fellow artist comment, “I can get inspired by looking at potato peelings in the kitchen sink. There’s a pattern there, many shades of brown and tan, plus it’s a random arrangement – pure chance. “

So if you want to collect old postcards and paint from them, paint chips from the local home improvement center, or fabric scraps to savor and save a groovy pattern, it’s okay. The important thing is to keep your mind running on well-oiled wheels. You can’t create from a well that’s run dry. Don’t let your well of creativity get too low before you replenish it. A. R. Tist


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