Not Everyone

photo by Geordie Shaw
 Major thirds and minor thirds.
 L-shaped and X-rated.
 Drunken noodles.
 Sun-bleached songbirds.
 Pink and white sweetpeas.
 Nonrevocable motions to censure.
 Wagering homes.
 Acme Roofing.
 Jeep Wagoneer.
 Drop ins of brilliance.
 Over the top content.
 A pyramid of pyrite.
 Disrobed sound.
 Boyfriend shorts.
 Scratches in a hard wood floor.
 A badge and a heart monitor.
 Two packages just inside the door.
 The phew, the phat.
 Cowboy math.
 Pill cases and pillowcases.
 Big box houses.
 Solar panels.
 Private planes.
 Walking canes.
 Ticker symbols.
 Hamburger meat.
 Pendulum clocks.
 Scratching posts.
 This damned thing. 

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