Remarkable resemblance

Thought you groovy cats might like to see my very first portrait. (Of course my mom saved this; I think I was either 7 or 8 years old at the time.) All of us at our small elementary school adored Mrs. Evett; she looked like a grandma and smiled a lot – but she could be very stern when necessary. And everyone agreed she was fair, no matter what the situation or who the culprit was.

So now you have no excuse to ignore the colored pencils or drawing charcoal or pen and ink or paintbrush that you’ve been avoiding. This crayon drawing shows no particular talent or skill (except maybe for the details – notice her earrings – should’ve named this blog ‘Principal with a pearl earring” LOL ) and yet I’ve made a career of art for some-odd years. Some years were odder than others too, man. So chin up. Keep your heart in your art. Like wow, you know?


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  1. I remember Mrs. Evett. A.R. you have captured her perfectly. The depiction of her hands would be the envy of Flemish masters. And the self-identifying rug is a wonderful addition.

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