Astrology 101

Some readers have asked for background information on various characteristics of astrology, such as trines, oppositions, squares and so on. This is an excellent suggestion, and one I will gladly fulfill in these columns, but only if, dear readers, you accept my apology for not doing so when I began writing these observations. So many […]

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Moon and moods

So you think the Moon’s transits have no effect on you personally? How about when the Moon is in your Second House and you feel truly poverty-stricken for those two or three days a month? The days when you catch yourself saying, “I can’t afford it,” when you know that’s one of the worst negative

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Further study

Dear Readers, It would appear we may be in for a ‘revisit’ of previously-mentioned aspects for several weeks beginning with Christmas week and afterward. I wish to do some more calculations on these aspects, and will return to you with my observations before that time. Until then, remember to take deep breaths during the day

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