Madame Zombra


It appears we’re entering a new phase of the Covid-19 affliction burning through civilization at the current moment in history. We may, albeit reluctantly, have to enter upon another sequestration in order to safeguard lives. May I suggest you take advantage of the short time between grim circumstances suggesting quarantine and actual implementation of same […]

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Firmicus Maternus (circa 330 B.C.) devised a strict formula of ethics for all who wished to learn and practice the art of astrology. Some of his precepts: Be modest, upright, sober, and content with few goods, so that the shameful love of money may not defile the glory of this divine science.  … See that

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There’s an excellent book, “The Fourth Turning,”* still available after a bit of searching, which I recommend if you’re debating whether history repeats itself or life is simply a series of random events. Astrologers, of course, are vastly and professionally fascinated by cycles of time. This book deals with that premise, that time/history follows a

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What next?

It’d be very convenient to blame the peculiar conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn for the Covid-19 virus and the significant protests currently raging across the nation. Blame won’t help us deal with the situation, however. We need to sit down, especially with people who come from different backgrounds and cultures, and seriously look

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