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Make It Yours

On my page you’ll find Make It Yours + 4, a pdf selling for one dollar and containing five poems. The collection is essentially an anthem to delight, a countermeasure to dread, a doom blocker and a gloom stopper. Make It Yours +4 also carries an “for mature readers” warning. The warning is for language, …

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Lost Love

I couldn’t help it. My lower lip trembled, so I bit it to stop that revealing motion, and to prevent myself from – what? What next? Sobbing aloud? Shrieking? We were parted. Separated. Torn from each other. My heart hurt. It was all too abrupt. I wouldn’t do this; couldn’t live this way. I remembered …

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The Writing Game

I just informed three magazines that I was withdrawing from their consideration a poem I had submitted to them several months ago. I can’t sit around and wait while editors make up their minds, so I am sharing the poem with you. Click here which goes to my WUTR page and you’ll find “Poem [Elena …

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Snippett -Who is Snippett?

Snippett, He, she, it is an amalgamation of a being who is all genders and genderless. Snippet thinks in short brief excerpts of thought and mind.
Snippett is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and he, she, it lies between the pit of human fears and the summit of mankind’s knowledge.

Abby’s Café

I’m sure I’m not the only writer who has a writing home (or homes) away from home, where she or he takes the process to a new environment, if only to refresh the mind. Moving the usually solitary process into the public realm—having to maintain focus while the world is right in your face—is, I …

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