A quiet moment

“If we think about it, all that a university or final highest school can do for us, is still but what the first school began doing —teach us to read. We learn to read in various languages, in various sciences; we learn the alphabet and letters of all [kinds] of books. But the place where …

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Caturday Weekly

Seen on a T-shirt: “If the earth were flat, cats would have pushed everything off by now.” How indubitably true. Cats meet any object – immovable or otherwise – as a challenge. And usually, the cat wins, much to the dismay of the vase, the book stack … #Caturday Weekly

Checkout Time

Reading was one of the few things I could do this summer. I read books, 34 of them. (Some of the books I’ve blogged about previously.) By category: 27 works of fiction, 6 nonfiction, and one poetry collection. English was the original language of 33 of the books, 1 was an English translation of a …

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