Madame Zombra

An opinion

“It is clearly evident that most events of a widespread nature draw their causes from the enveloping heavens.” – Claudius Ptolemy – Mathematician, astrologer, music theorist, astronomer, geographer; author of Tetrabiblos, used as a reference by astrologers for the next thousand or so years. Hear! Hear! – Madame Zombra #MadameZombra

Vacation II

To continue with vacation and recreation ideas and thoughts – Libra: Your sign is always interested in justice, the rule of law, and things being fair – so why not tour your local court system? See if you can attend an actual cort session as an interested citizen. Binge watch Perry Mason episodes or something …

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Moon and moods

So you think the Moon’s transits have no effect on you personally? How about when the Moon is in your Second House and you feel truly poverty-stricken for those two or three days a month? The days when you catch yourself saying, “I can’t afford it,” when you know that’s one of the worst negative …

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“There is something out there. Astrology is like a game of chess with an invisible partner. We set out the board and the rules, make a move, and then find that the pieces are moving themselves, as if by an invisible hand.” – Noel Tyl, renowned astrologer; author of over 30 books on astrology including …

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Zombra Alert

It’s not an annual occurrence, dear readers, but as the stars mark their courses, we mortals sometimes feel we experience a ‘glitch’ in the system. This special column is to alert you to one of those glitches, in that 2022 contains not the usual three Mercury Retrogrades … but four.   However, don’t despair – …

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Follow the money

When an Aquarian is seeking money, it’s often for a cause or what he/she perceives as a societal need. When a Pisces is seeking money, it’s likely because he/she forgot to pay the light bill. Aquarius is the social conscience, Pisces the absent-minded philosopher. Aquarius can often enjoy working for non-profits or those underfunded causes …

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Ah, more money talk

Last week we began comparing our ‘Yin and Yang’ pairings with Aries and Taurus, so naturally we continue with Gemini (the Twins), and Cancer or Moonchild. These signs have radically different methods for acquiring enough money to be comfortably well-off. To Geminis, Bitcoins and all they imply are like honey to bees; an element of …

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