Madame Zombra

The ideal pet

Just for fun – what pet appeals to you and others of your Sun Sign the most? Aries: March 21-April 19  Anything that would get people’s attention would suit you just fine. Too bad dragons aren’t readily available; an Aries like you will have to settle for a Great Pyrenees, a trained falcon, or competition […]

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True love?

It was difficult enough finding someone you were compatible with before the pandemic, but for many people it now seems close to impossible. Perhaps astrology can give you some hints – at least, you’ll have talking points while posting your attributes and wishes on an internet dating site. And if astrology can’t help, there’s always

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New Moon Projects

A New Moon in Aries April 11, 2021 – traditionally, 30 days to complete a project. Will you accomplish this? Aries:  You may feel harried simply from the New Moon occurring in your Sun Sign. You also know your penchant for waiting until the deadline to get most things done, whether it’s an article, arriving

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An observation from Goethe

“We all have certain electric and magnetic powers within us,” Goethe observed. “And ourselves exercise an attractive and repelling force, accordingly as we come into touch with something like or unlike.” With that in mind, you may wish to explore a precept of astrology that frequently is proven accurate. Your Sun Sign can be designated

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The spring effect

The temptation to declare winter over is strong indeed. Recall that this past Saturday marked the Spring Equinox, even though some parts of the nation are still under baleful winds and snow, lingering like a houseguest never invited. But spring will arrive, at some point, and what should we anticipate as someone’s reaction to that

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Esteemed Readers, My column about Your Progressed Sun was the most widely read of all my Head Light blogs last year. This tells me there are far more astute astrology students perusing Write Up The Road features than I had realized. So, since reader interest is obvious, I will yield to the administrators’ notes and

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Retrograde Mercury

Hello, readers; you’ll recall I’d promised to write a guest blog when planetary aspects warranted it, and now we’re staring down the barrel of Mercury Retrograde from January 30 to February 21, 2021. But it doesn’t have to be a smoking gun. Remember, there are ways to deal with any astrological transit. Your first way

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A sabbatical

Sometimes there are impediments to doing all we wish to do; hence a sabbatical may be the most practical course. I have enjoyed opening the study of astrology to perhaps some new readers these past weeks. The opportunity to discuss one of my favorite subjects is not to be dismissed lightly, nor the chance to

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