Madame Zombra

Please join me, Madame Zombra, in the future for a little astral travel, if you will. We shall look at the planets in their transits as they occur, not as prophecy but as signposts for our journey. In columns ahead, if you have questions, you may use the Comments section to ask them and I will do my best to answer your query.

Astrology is perhaps more of a deeply personal philosophy

Astrology can suggest solutions to problems, but not guarantee results. Without directed effort on the person’s part, and thoughtful implementation, solutions won’t be permanent nor have depth enough to satisfy the questioner. Believe in yourself. Use your planets and aspects to infer your life map. Live each year as a better, improved version of your …

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Worst enemy

Seems I’m posing more questions nowadays, and may not be answering many, but this is one you likely haven’t considered: are you your own worst enemy? If you know your Sun Sign, you also know the characteristics ascribed to that particular sign. While most people understand astrology is an impersonal study, they may not realize …

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Not an Easy Task

Many people are currently packing to move, some because of job offers, others wanting to be closer to family or old friends in case yet another pandemic looms on the horizon. How does your Sun Sign deal with the major upheaval of moving? Here are some hints: Aries: March 21-April 19  While you tire rather …

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The ideal pet

Just for fun – what pet appeals to you and others of your Sun Sign the most? Aries: March 21-April 19  Anything that would get people’s attention would suit you just fine. Too bad dragons aren’t readily available; an Aries like you will have to settle for a Great Pyrenees, a trained falcon, or competition …

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