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Surf’s Up

While surfing the web… After reading about George Oppen and then about haiku and Richard Wright, I looked at some bookmarked items which I swore I shared the links before but in case I didn’t I’m doing it now, plus Hey I know there are some artists and collage makers collagists out there. Here’s some …

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Firmicus Maternus (circa 330 B.C.) devised a strict formula of ethics for all who wished to learn and practice the art of astrology. Some of his precepts: Be modest, upright, sober, and content with few goods, so that the shameful love of money may not defile the glory of this divine science.  … See that …

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The Feed Lot

There has been a mooonotony of subject matter, to the point of craziness, if not imbecility. But since everybody is a star these days, influencers and this and that and the other, with an attention demand of probably 15 seconds, and an attention of span of 2/3rds of that, scope and depth are not premium …

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Clouds (a work in progress)

Sometimes they’re dense. Sometimes they’re smart. Some are pure anarchy. Some morph into lattice. Sometimes they’re the problem, sometimes the solution. Sometimes they’re abstract and sometimes precise. Sometimes they’re a Netflix series about a Netflix series. Sometimes they have no online mojo at all. Some are greater than eight but less than ten. Others have …

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How much relevance does William Wordsworth’s poetry have today? What will be its relevance at the start of the next century, when, for example, the city of Lagos, Nigeria, is projected to have eighty million people living in its region? I will address this obliquely on 06/20/2020 both here at Head Light and at Stark …

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