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Thinking Back

The virus doesn’t care how you want to be remembered. The virus is not a jury, it doesn’t deliberate. The virus is a judge. A hanging judge. The virus is inclusive. The virus doesn’t know essential from a waste of space. The virus is non-partisan It reaches across the aisle.   The virus doesn’t need …

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Use This Word in a Sentence

Superspreader. Foundational. Existential. Essential. Positivity. Capacity. Mandate. Variance. Assertion. Retraction. Data. Bubble. Zoom. Surge. Science Intervention. Curfew. Order. Confinement. Lockdown. Quarantine. Isolation. Stages. Phases. Waves. Mandatory. Testing. Tiers. Roadmap. Framework. Victims. Never. Could. Might. If. Vaccine. © 2021 Randy Stark Please visit my website at www.randystark.com and my page at Write Up The Road Media.


Don’t expect him Not to not pick up. It’s not very not like him not to answer. Not a whiff of self-awareness. Unemployed, hooked on feed and flow. Data driven, axioms to grind, A source familiar with the matter Speaking on condition of anonymity Due to not being authorized to not know what is not known …

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What I’m Hearing

This week They said last spring. By Easter. Stage one, phase five, third wave, second tier, key indicator seven.   The next eleven days Was three months ago. And summer. Stage two, phase thirty-three, fourth wave, first tier, key indicator twelve.   Assignments may occur any day of the week And may occur more than …

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“I keep thinking I can see the virus blooming on the horizon like a sunrise. I realize the world will continue to turn, even with no people on it. Maybe it will go a little faster.”  That’s from Carmen Maria Machado’s short story “Inventory,” which was written years pre-Covid 19, one of many “prophetic” observations …

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From Walt Whitman’s “Old Poets”

“…Perhaps, indeed, the rarest and most blessed quality of transcendent noble poetry–as of law, and of the profoundest wisdom and estheticism–is, (I would suggest,) from sane, completed, vital, capable old age. The final proof of song or personality is a sort of matured, accreted, superb, evoluted, almost divine, impalpable diffuseness and atmosphere or invisible magnetism, …

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A sabbatical

Sometimes there are impediments to doing all we wish to do; hence a sabbatical may be the most practical course. I have enjoyed opening the study of astrology to perhaps some new readers these past weeks. The opportunity to discuss one of my favorite subjects is not to be dismissed lightly, nor the chance to …

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